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The Ocean Quest History


Romsdal Trawler    Hull 118

Documentation 505680

Length 68'  Breadth 17'    Gross Tons 90    Net 75


The Ocean Quest has a very colorful history.  Built on the lines of the commercial Scandinavian North Sea trawler fishing boats, these boats were first introduced in the late 1950's.  This particular craft was commissioned by an individual living in Seattle, Washington, and it was delivered on its own bottom in 1962.

For many years the vessel remained under its original ownership and sailed quite extensively in the South Pacific and the Mediterranean, as well as Alaska.  Due to financial conditions, the vessel was sold in the late 1970's and was used as a charter vessel out of Long Beach, California.  Early in 1980 it was again sold to a businessman in the Pacific Northwest and used for personal enjoyment.   However, he also began  to experience financial difficulties and put the vessel up for sale in 1984.  The vessel, however, did not sell, and out of desperation the craft was then utilized for transportation of controlled substances (30 tons of marijuana), and was seized in late 1985 by the United States Customs and DEA agents in San Francisco, California.  The vessel was extensively torn apart by these agents while they were looking for other contraband and controlled substances.   
In 1986 it was put up for inter-agency usage before being offered to the general public.  In early 1987, the United States Navy took title and re-designated it the CT-18, a minesweeping training vessel.   Because of its wooden construction, it was an ideal craft.  It remained in service out of Long Beach for two and a half years and was then put up for sale under sealed bid. 
The vessel was purchased in this manner in late 1989 and was eventually taken to NAB/Fiddler's Cove in San Diego, California for renovations.   Since then it has undergone a very methodical restoration process.  This very classic craft was originally built as a yacht, but substantial modification by the Navy has left the interior in a very unorthodox design.  Our goal is to bring the entire vessel up to modern day standards with respect to equipment and various onboard systems.   The interior has now been designed more on the lines of a home with less emphasis lent to the nautical theme.
The Ocean Quest has been moved to her present berth in Glorietta Bay Marina across from the famous Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California.  From this location short range cruises are enjoyed by her charter guests.
There are eleven of these vessels currently in the United States, and seven of them on the West Coast.  All of these vessels that were built in Norway between 1959 and 1967 are still in service today.  "None has been lost".
The vessel has undergone complete re-documentation with commercial status and name change, and will probably become part of an exploration team in years to come.
We hope this has answered some of your questions and that you found this history interesting.


Picture from original owner in Alaska 1968

1961 Voyage from Norway to Newport Beach





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